A Photo of a Grue

     I received a phone call from my friend on his cellular who, when I answered the phone, exclaimed, "Hey, I'm in this maze of twisty passages little passages, all alike."

     "Yeah right. What are you doing there?" I asked sceptically.

     "I'm getting ready to snuff my torch and snap a picture of a grue that, in turn, will be immediately uploaded to your PC!" he declared triumphantly. "Finally we'll be able to see this vicious creature in its true form!"

     "You do realize you will be eaten, if you put out the light." I cautioned.

     "Have no fear!" my friend confidently declared. "As soon as I turn off my lamp, I'll snap the photo -- the flash will protect me. Then I'll immediately turn on my lamp. In the mean time, the image will be immediately uploaded to your PC."

     Before I could further caution my friend, I heard him say, "Here it goes!" then dial tone.

     Here is the image that was uploaded to my PC:

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